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Lucy McGroarty

Like for all of us, my life brings a mixture of ups and downs. Through personal growth and reflection I have found peace with what has passed and what is yet to come and have learnt that to be present with what is now is the key to a more fulfilling life. I am passionate about running and commit to miles of exercise each week to help reduce stress and tension and to give my body and mind the freedom it needs to recharge. Time for myself is crucial for me to be the mum I am to my two amazing children who I have been so grateful for since their arrival into the world. My love for horses has been with me since childhood when my best friend at 6 years old introduced me to her horse ‘Billy’.  Since then I have lived and breathed in their existence and their wisdom of knowing still fascinates me. My interest in people and mental health goes far beyond a job and I love to read and research new ideas and theories. I am genuinely passionate about people and I firmly believe we can all overcome the barriers that get in the way if we are well supported and have the tools we need to do so. Your Shoes My Hooves is based in Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. I am able to support adults, teenagers and children who are facing challenges in their lives including anxiety, depression, bereavement, family breakdown and relationship difficulties. 

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